Malcolm Webb

Malcolm Webb, a correspondent based in Kampala, Uganda, has worked in East Africa for more then six years. He has covered conflict in Eastern DRC, elections in Burundi and plus civil unrest in Uganda. He has a Masters degree in Radio Journalism from Goldsmiths College, University of London, and is the chair of the Foreign Correspondents Association of Uganda


Rwanda election: President Kagame declares victory

Rwandan leader Paul Kagame has declared victory in the presidential election.


Rwandan election witnesses high voter turnout

About 90 percent of eligible voters in the east African country turned out to vote in the presidential election. Incumbent Paul Kagame is expected to win a 3rd seven-year term. Al Jazeera’s Malcolm Webb reports from Kigali, Rwanda


Rwanda opposition complains of oppression before vote

An outlawed opposition party in Rwanda is using the lead-up to Friday's Presidential election to highlight what it says is the brutal oppression of political freedom.


Rwanda votes: Economic claims under scrutiny

For many years under President Paul Kagame, Rwanda has been hailed as a development and economic success. But as Rwandans head to the polls on Friday, a growing number of critics have begun to question the government’s data.


South Africa's electronic Gqom music goes global

From the bedroom to the bar rooms of the biggest nightclubs in the world, a new genre of house music is coming straight out of South Africa.


South Africa: Former leaders boycott ANC conference

A group of senior figures in South Africa's ruling ANC party say the party is in crisis, accusing current leaders of shying away from problems.

South Africa

South Africa’s ruling party dogged with criticism

Critics of South Africa’s president are expected to be out in force when the ruling African National Congress holds its policy conference this weekend. Jacob Zuma is under fire over corruption allegations and record unemployment levels.


South Africa: Government enforces eviction of illegal settlements

Long after the end of apartheid in South Africa, people are still facing state-sponsored evictions. Across the country, authorities are destroying shacks that were built because of a lack of available housing.


South Africa government blamed as millions live in shacks

South Africa is one of the largest industrial economies in Africa, but up to 10 million people live in shacks in informal settlements.


South Africa trial due to start over alleged racist attack

In South Africa, a trial is due to start for two white men who allegedly forced a black man into a coffin and threatened to pour petrol on him.


South Africa high court allows secret Zuma no-confidence vote

South Africa's highest court has ruled that a vote of no-confidence against President Jacob Zuma can be held in secret.


South Africa's growing craze for 'spinning'

Motorsport, increasingly popular in South Africa, has its roots in driving stolen cars during apartheid era.