Malcolm Webb

Malcolm Webb, a correspondent based in Kampala, Uganda, has worked in East Africa for more then six years. He has covered conflict in Eastern DRC, elections in Burundi and plus civil unrest in Uganda. He has a Masters degree in Radio Journalism from Goldsmiths College, University of London, and is the chair of the Foreign Correspondents Association of Uganda


Uganda court refuses bail for jailed activist

Stella Nyanzi, a Ugandan activist and academic, has been sent back to a maximum security prison after her lawyers failed to secure her bail.


Olympics the target for African yard game Kwepena

An entrepreneur in Uganda is trying to develop a centuries-old yard game, known as Kwepena, worldwide.


Uganda electoral commission denies polls were rigged

Opposition leaders tell Al Jazeera ballots were pre-ticked and results adjusted in contentious poll.


Uganda's former child soldiers return home

Ugandan children abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army over a decade ago return home as traumatised grown men.


Escaping South Sudan violence

Despite suffering violence and loss, those hat manage to get out of South Sudan are the lucky ones.


Congo's M23 rebels flee

The conflict between rebels and government, after the last round of fighting, seems to be drawing to a close.


Peace still out of reach for eastern DR Congo

Congolese president Kabila meets his Rwandan and Ugandan counterparts in Kampala to resolve crisis in his country's east


Uganda turns 50 with politics still dodgy

Country free from colonial rule and many live in relative peace but freedom for the opposition remains a distant dream.


Zanzibar plagued by heroin addiction

With easy access and heroin costing just $2 for a hit, the islands' struggle against drug abuse has a long way to go.


Calls for secession in Zanzibar

Muslim group and an opposition party want the islands of Zanzibar to split from mainland Tanzania.


DR Congo refugees wait for peace

Tens of thousands have fled over the borders into neighbouring Rwanda and Uganda as rebels advance in Eastern Congo.