Malak Chabkoun

Malak Chabkoun is an independent Middle East researcher and writer based in the US.

Middle East

Can refugees return to Syria, as many want them to?

Countries want Syrian refugees to go back, but have they done anything to stop the Assad regime creating more refugees?

United States

'He killed my daughter because she is Muslim'

Muslim lives are not taken away because of 'road rage' and 'parking disputes'.

Middle East

Westerners joining the fight against ISIL are no heroes

Western anti-ISIL fighters volunteering in Syria and Iraq are doing more harm than good. They should go home.

Middle East

Absurdity is questioning a dictator's motives

Saying the Assad regime is behind the Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack does not mean calling for World War III.

United States

Syrians should not be thanking Trump for the strikes

Freedom won't come from those who don't value it themselves.

War & Conflict

Syrians are absent in Astana peace talks

With each round of peace talks, it is further clarified that Syrians under siege are not the key factor in negotiations.

Battle for Aleppo

Whitewashing Assad and his allies must be challenged

When we leave whitewashers to continue their campaigns unchecked, we put our own voices at risk of being marginalised.

Syria's Civil War

And who are we to say the Syrian revolution is dead?

The spirit of the revolution in Syria persists, even as Assad's forces advance.

US Elections 2016

Spoiled Americans now want to flee what they created

The reactions of many Americans to the Trump victory is a symptom of their political immaturity.

War & Conflict

Iran deal does not mean peace in the Middle East

Contrary to some arguments, the nuclear deal will not necessarily bring a halt to long-standing conflicts in the region.