Lucy Kafanov

Humanitarian crises

A desperate journey to a fate unknown

Photographer Lucy Kafanov travels with exhausted refugees as they cross four borders en route to northern Europe.


End of Turkey-PKK ceasefire puts HDP in a tough spot

Despite its strong election win, the pro-Kurd HDP party may lose support as the government and PKK resume fighting.

War & Conflict

Why Turkey has taken a tougher stance against ISIL

In the wake of the Suruc bombing, Turkey has bombed ISIL and PKK targets amid mass security raids.


Refugees from Syria's Tal Abyad face uncertain future

Some residents have started returning home after Kurdish forces and their allies reclaimed the town from ISIL.


Turkey's Diyarbakir hopes for 'a new era'

Once at the forefront of the war against Kurdish separatists, Diyarbakir residents say they want to put the past behind.