Lowana Veal


Siberia's melting permafrost fuels climate change

Thawing permafrost is releasing greenhouse gases, ruining buildings, and may even be creating massive sinkholes.


Iceland: Fish fight spawned over Ukraine sanctions

Joining the West, Reykjavik imposed sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, but now its fishermen are paying the price.

Human Rights

Iceland women tackle rape and 'pornification'

As Iceland celebrates 100 years of women's suffrage, some women launch social media campaigns to demand more progress.


Iceland's volcanic eruption stokes toxic gas fears

The Holuhraun eruption is emitting high volumes of toxic gases and raising health and environmental concerns.


Is fluoride hurting Iceland's farm animals?

Some farmers suspect fluoride from aluminium smelters is making animals sick, but the companies sharply disagree.

Business & Economy

Iceland: Recovering dubiously from the crash

The island was hit hard by the financial crisis and today residents are learning to be happy with less material wealth.