Loes Witschge

Loes Witschge is a journalist and producer at Al Jazeera English online. 

In Pictures

The legally blind photographer capturing refugee life

A legally blind Syrian refugee photographs life in the camps of Lebanon and his family's new start in Canada.


Justice elusive 3 years from MH17 crash in east Ukraine

Relatives still await justice for downing of Malaysia Airlines civilian flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine three years ago


As Trump ditches Paris, California leads on environment

Meeting Xi Jinping in China, Governor Jerry Brown steps up as the global face of progressive climate policy in the US.


Q&A: Jill Farrant on breeding drought-resistant crops

South African scientist Jill Farrant on how drought-tolerant "resurrection plants" could boost food security in Africa.


Living with Down syndrome: 'It's a genetic accident'

Life according to Maria Jose Paiz Arias, a 19-year-old Panamanian woman with big ambitions - and Down syndrome.

US & Canada

After death row: An unlikely love story

Shujaa Graham is one of 157 death row exonerees in the US. He and his partner Phyllis Prentice tell their story.