Lisa De Bode

Humanitarian crises

French charity decries 'Jungle' refugee camp conditions

Charities take action against French city over refugee treatment at Calais makeshift camp, where 6,000 refugees live.


Operating on fear: Surgery in a time of Ebola

Doctors hope new recommendations will help stop Ebola concerns from preventing routine medical procedures.


Ebola for dummies: Bridging the health worker gap

In Brussels, NGO staff are being trained to fill the shortfall of field workers in West Africa.


Walmart moms protest 'poverty' wages

Nearly two-thirds of US low-income employees are women and demonstrators want Walmart to raise wages for working poor.


US fast-food profits imperilled by low wages

Report claims US fast-food industry's big pay gap between workers and CEOs could hurt its bottom line.


Film ignites row over Islam and censorship

Activists say 'Honor Diaries' documentary exploits gender-based violence to further an anti-Islamic agenda.

US & Canada

Micro-flats appealing for world's urban poor

As urban areas expand and housing prices soar, "living small" becomes more popular in global cities.