Lena Odgaard

Middle East

Gaza teenager runs for Palestine

Inas Nofal aims to win medals for Palestine at international competitions, but training in Gaza presents a challenge.


The fight for equal education in Israel

Parents in Jaffa are pushing officials to provide more options for children to study in a mixed-religion environment.

War & Conflict

Animals suffer in Gaza's cash-strapped zoos

Amid a crippling Israeli blockade of the Palestinian territory, zoos in Gaza cannot properly care for their animals.


PA police given more jurisdiction in occupied West Bank

An increase in unemployment due to life under occupation has given rise to crime in some Jerusalem suburbs.


Israel's Joint List faces challenging road ahead

Coalition of Arab parties is now the Knesset's third-largest bloc, but success hinges on its ability to form alliances.


West Bank Bedouins fear 'a second nakba'

An Israeli plan to forcibly transfer Bedouins to nearby Palestinian villages has met with staunch resistance.

Middle East

'We have a circus in Palestine'

Palestinian youth are combatting the occupation and conservative social values - through circus.

Humanitarian crises

Gaza farmers struggle in war aftermath

Israel's war on Gaza has taken its toll on all economic sectors, with the agriculture industry hit especially hard.

Middle East

Palestinians reclaim Gaza 'buffer zone'

Despite threats to their safety, Palestinians are farming in Gaza buffer zone as a way to regain land and livelihoods.

Arts & Culture

Palestinians hit the right notes in Gaza

Music school helps relieve tensions in conflict-torn Gaza Strip, but access to instruments remains a challenge.


What happened to Gaza's Apollo statue?

A precious statue vanished after its discovery in Gaza last summer and many suspect it is now a hostage to politics


Upsurge in Palestinian 'honour killings'

Rights groups demand new laws to protect women from family violence after a spate of deaths.