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Macedonians take on government in massive protest

More than 20,000 Macedonians protested against the government in the largest demonstration of the Colourful Revolution.


Hungary: A night of protest at the train station

Overnight protests at Hungarian station as authorities refused to honour purchased tickets, barred refugees from trains.


Temporarily taking back the Jordan Valley

Ein Hijleh, a protest camp established to reclaim Palestinian land occupied by Israel, was demolished on Friday morning.


Bedouin rise up against Israel eviction plan

Protesters clashed with police in response to plan that would relocate 40,000 Bedouin living in the Negev Desert.


Wasting away in the Gaza Strip

Closure of 'lifeline' tunnels means fuel shortages, power cuts, and sewage on the streets.


Palestine's fast and furious females

Women street racers known as the "Speed Sisters" have become a beloved component of the Palestinian racing scene.

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The rise and fall of Bab al-Shams

Faced with ongoing expansion of illegal Israeli settlements, Palestinians established a short-lived "protest village".

Middle East

Palestinians react to status upgrade

West Bank and Gaza celebrate UN vote, but not everyone is convinced the new status will help Palestine's cause.

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In Pictures: Exploring the Western Wall

Tunnels 15 metres beneath Jerusalem's Old City threaten to penetrate the Temple Mount, home to the Al Aqsa mosque.

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In pictures: Ramallah protests

Al Jazeera captures three days of protests in the West Bank, two of which were violently suppressed.


In Pictures: Tahrir square burns

Nine people have been killed and over 300 wounded in Tahrir square as protesters clash with military troops and police.


In pictures: When a non-violent protest ends in death

Palestinian villager killed after being shot in the face with a tear gas canister by an Israeli soldier at close range.