Lauren Williams


Turkey education reforms fuel controversy

New student allocation system based on exam scores and geography has placed non-religious students in religious schools.

Human Rights

Syria: three million tragedies

Three million Syrian refugees have fled the country since civil war erupted in 2011.


Turkey's AKP power struggle comes to a boil

The appointment of Ahmet Davutoglu as Turkey's new PM has highlighted growing divisions within the ruling AK party.

Middle East

A 'new Turkey' under President Erdogan?

Turkey's new president-elect is expected to change the political system, but experts say Erdogan faces many challenges.


Vox Pops: Turkey weighs in ahead of election

Turkish voters in Istanbul and Izmir tell Al Jazeera who they will vote for in presidential polls on August 10.


War-torn Syria plans to hold elections

Despite widespread death, destruction and displacement, Assad government will hold presidential polls by July.


Lebanon's Sunnis alienated by army actions

Rising sectarian tensions and a lack of funding for Lebanon's military, compound the challenges in keeping Tripoli safe.