Lauren Booth

Human Rights

Q and A: Barrel bombs are Assad's 'weapons of terror'

Al Jazeera talks to military analyst Riad Kahwaji on the devastating prevalence of the cheap homemade weapon in Syria.

Human Rights

Released South Sudan child soldiers to seek families

Boys forced to become soldiers for South Sudanese militia group are the first of thousands UNICEF hopes to help go home.

United Kingdom

UK government monitors more than social media

UK government's anti-radicalisation powers are extending so what is life like for those being monitored for extremism?

Human Rights

New report finds US immigration measures weak

Human Rights Watch critical of failings it sees in the US "Obama Plan" on immigration and deportations.

Human Rights

Facebook, hate speech and policy faultlines

Politicians in Europe and India are falling foul of expectations relating to 'hate speech'.

Human Rights

Global human rights getting better and worse

Mapping tool reveals an increasing polarisation in the global human rights landscape.

Human Rights

Disabled Indian women suffer grave abuse

Women and girls with disabilities in India suffer abuse and appalling conditions in mental hospitals and institutions.

Human Rights

Crimes against journalists go unpunished

Many organisations call for an end to impunity for those who target journalists - but who will police those responsible?