Larry Beinhart

Larry Beinhart is a novelist, best known for Wag the Dog. He's also been a journalist, political consultant, a commercial producer and director. 

United States

Bombs away! Wag that dog!

On Donald Trump's Wag the Dog moment.

Republican Party

The banality of the American freedom

Anything that's done in the name of 'liberty' and 'freedom' is just a mythic reflection of the privilege of the few.

Donald Trump

All politicians lie but it's better if not mentioned

We don't need to be relativistic about it, we don't need to introduce knee-jerk equivalences, we just need objectivity.

Business & Economy

Some free truths about free trade

The reality is that all successful economies grew up behind walls of protectionism.


The trouble with democracy

The year 2016 does not have the best track record in nascent and mature democracies across the world.

US Elections 2016

US election: What happened?

Hillary Clinton came out as the establishment candidate amid popular anti-establishment sentiments.


Why the rich can't be trusted with money

The members of the investor class are programmed to destroy.

Business & Economy

US elections: The rich can't be trusted with money

The more they have, the more they screw up.


Trump for dummies II: 'It's about the economy, stupid'

Trump's policy proposals will make things worse - he's taking the policies that created the problem and doubling them.


Trump for dummies

When Republicans express outrage at Donald Trump's racism, they are being disingenuous or self-deluded.