Lameck Masina


Malawi forests going up in smoke from tobacco

Tobacco farmers are depleting forests to cure tobacco, a key source of income and Malawi's economic mainstay.

Poverty & Development

Malawi schools to teach in English

Questions of colonialism after Malawi opts for English as medium of instruction in schools rather than local languages.


Malawi celebrates 50 years of independence

But the occasion is marred by the southern African country's continued poverty and reliance on donor aid.


Malawi readies for four-way presidential race

Incumbent Joyce Banda has a narrow lead, but anything is possible in Malawi's May 20 elections.


Poor policing spurs Malawians to mob justice

Vigilantes say a sclerotic justice system has forced them to take matters into their own hands.


Malawians push for speedy Cashgate trials

The largest financial scandal to hit Malawi has rocked domestic and international confidence.