Kristen Saloomey

Kristen Saloomey is a New York-based correspondent for Al Jazeera who has been honoured by the United Nations Foundation for her investigative work on the source of Haiti’s cholera epidemic. Her stories take her from the US court system to the countryside, from the streets of New York to the eye of the storm.

US & Canada

New York: Art used to protest against Trump's policies

From affordable housing to healthcare, the Trump administration is hoping to make some major budget cuts, if it can get them through Congress.

US & Canada

US theatre under fire for Julius Caesar's resemblance to Trump

New York’s Public Theater is refusing to apologise for a controversial staging of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, in which the actor playing the ancient Roman leader, who was known for turning a republic into an empire, resembled US President Trump.

US & Canada

New York museum marks architect Wright's birth

Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the world's most prolific and renowned architects, was born 150 years ago this month.

US & Canada

US coal industry staging comeback under Trump

Higher prices and support from the new US administration are helping the US coal industry, even as overall demand for the fossil fuel continues to shrink.

Business & Economy

Coal's comeback in western Pennsylvania

Long-term effect on climate hard to visualise in coal country where new mines are bringing new jobs.

US & Canada

US: Lyme disease experts warn ticks are spreading

Researchers are warning of a possible surge in tick-borne diseases in the United States this summer. A warming climate increases the likelihood that ticks will spread across the country - and that raises concerns of a public health crisis.

Latin America

US cities vow to tackle climate change in wake of Trump shock

Donald Trump may have withdrawn the US from the Paris climate agreement but business leaders, governors and the mayors of dozens of American cities are vowing to pick up where the federal government has left off.


Charter schools vs. traditional public schools: A false choice

Charter schools may provide a better option for children when traditional public schools fail but are they the answer to systemic problems in US education?

United States

US ‘charter’ schools hit by controversy

The US government is planning to allocate more money for 'charter' schools which are seen as an alternative to traditional educational facilities. This has resulted in local schools getting underfunded.

United States

US may deport group of Indonesian Christians

A group of Indonesian Christians who went to the United States fleeing religious persecution may soon be deported. The case comes as tensions in their homeland rise. Al Jazeera’s Kristen Saloomey reports from New Jersey.

United States

US attorney general vows crackdown on gang violence

During a visit to a New York suburb, the US attorney general has pledged to crack down on gang violence. But many in the local Hispanic community see it as a threat to local immigrants.

US & Canada

Eclectic mix on show at Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival in New York is a mix of big-name talent and up-and-coming filmmakers. From a look at the realities of life in Syria to a quirky take on mental illness, and plenty of world premieres - there is something for everyone.