Kristen Saloomey

Kristen Saloomey is a New York-based correspondent for Al Jazeera who has been honoured by the United Nations Foundation for her investigative work on the source of Haiti’s cholera epidemic. Her stories take her from the US court system to the countryside, from the streets of New York to the eye of the storm.

US & Canada

Million-dollar bids expected as ‘moon dust’ heads to auction

The bag that was used to carry the very first lunar samples back to Earth is expected to fetch millions in an upcoming space exploration auction at Sotheby's auction house in New York.

US & Canada

City of Ghosts: Filmmaker documents the war of ideas with ISIL

Filmmaker Matthew Heineman, director of City of Ghosts, hopes his film sheds light on the ideological conflict between ISIL fighters and Syrian citizens.

US & Canada

US opioid addiction: Pharmaceutical companies sued

Addiction and deaths as a result of opioid drug overdoses are skyrocketing in the US. So much so that a growing number of local governments are suing pharmaceutical companies. They accuse drug makers of downplaying the risks of their products.

United States

New York recycling centre refurbishes and resells e-waste

The United States produces more e-waste than any other country. The Lower East Side Ecology Centre in New York City collects one million pounds of e-waste a year.

US & Canada

US: Vermont sets a leading model for renewable energy

The US state of Vermont sees itself as a model for both America and the world. The city's move from fossil fuels to renewable energy is paying big dividends.

United States

Tanzanian albino victims receive treatment in the US

Four Tanzanian children with albinism are getting new limbs in the US. They received horrific injuries after suffering brutal attacks driven by superstition in their home country. Al Jazeera’s Kristen Saloomey reports from Staten Island, New York.

US & Canada

Martin Shkreli trial: Court struggles to find impartial jurors

A US pharmaceutical company executive who became a symbol of industry greed is about to stand trial for securities fraud.

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New York: Art used to protest against Trump's policies

From affordable housing to healthcare, the Trump administration is hoping to make some major budget cuts, if it can get them through Congress.

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US theatre under fire for Julius Caesar's resemblance to Trump

New York’s Public Theater is refusing to apologise for a controversial staging of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, in which the actor playing the ancient Roman leader, who was known for turning a republic into an empire, resembled US President Trump.

US & Canada

New York museum marks architect Wright's birth

Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the world's most prolific and renowned architects, was born 150 years ago this month.

US & Canada

US coal industry staging comeback under Trump

Higher prices and support from the new US administration are helping the US coal industry, even as overall demand for the fossil fuel continues to shrink.

Business & Economy

Coal's comeback in western Pennsylvania

Long-term effect on climate hard to visualise in coal country where new mines are bringing new jobs.