Khaled A Beydoun

Khaled A Beydoun is an associate professor of law at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, and affiliated faculty at the UC-Berkeley Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project.

Muslim Ban

How Muslim Ban incites vigilante Islamophobic violence

Trump's state-sponsored Islamophobia will expose more than merely Muslims to xenophobic violence and vigilantism.


Why can't Muslims talk about the Muslim ban on US TV?

US cable news media's coverage of Trump's 'Muslim ban' featured predominantly white men instead of Muslims.

US & Canada

Trump's counterterror programme

How Trump will make Obama's Countering Violent Extremism programme into "Countering Violent Jihad".

US Elections 2016

Donald Trump: The Islamophobia president

Trump rose to power with an Islamophobic campaign and Islamophobia now will become his official policy.

Arts & Culture

Rami Malek: An Arab in Hollywood?

The rich milieu of groups native to the Middle East has no place in codified constructions of US race and ethnicity.

US Elections 2016

Fear of a black and brown America

Make America Great Again spells fear of a black and brown US, where racist rhetoric will graduate into racist policy.


Muslim voters between Hillary Clinton and a hard place

They are exhausted with Clinton's posture towards Muslims at home and abroad.

Human Rights

Structural racism in the US won't diminish with time

We must identify and dismantle the institutions that mark Blackness as criminal and disposable.

Human Rights

The hate behind the Orlando massacre

Omar Siddiqui Mateen's attack was more of a hate crime than an act ordained by his religion.

Human Rights

Muhammad Ali: Rumble in heaven as you did on Earth

He is the most famous Muslim American ever, and indeed, a black man whose commitment to anti-racism led him to Islam.


The myth of the 'moderate Muslim'

Deconstructing the mythic "good versus bad" Muslim paradigm.


Speaking Arabic while flying

Will it soon be necessary to check in one's Muslim identity before boarding a plane?