Khadija Patel

South Africa

South African local elections: ANC at a crossroads

Opposition parties are calling time on ANC's dominance, but it would be foolish to rule party out.

Xenophobia Attacks

What caused the xenophobic attacks in South Africa?

Government-commissioned report says 'media houses' played a role in the deadly 2015 xenophobic attacks in KwaZulu-Natal.


South Africa nose dives into Jacob Zuma's pool

The latest crisis to affect the Zuma administration has highlighted the divides within South African society.


At 104, South Africa's ANC must be younger

Under pressure to stay relevant, South Africa's ruling party celebrates anniversary with eye to mobilising supporters.

Human Rights

Fears grow over press freedom in South Africa

Journalist Micah Reddy tells Al Jazeera how police harassment and planned legislation are stifling the media.

South Africa

S Africa halts university fee hikes after mass protests

President Zuma announces embargo on fee increases for the 2016 academic year, but protesters view it as a "hollow" win.

Human Rights

Thousands evacuated from rat-infested S Africa prison

Police union condemns conditions in Pollsmoor prison as "inhumane" after prisoners are infected with rat-borne disease.


South Africans return home from ISIL-held territory

Government helps secure return of 11 people, including three children, who travelled to Syria earlier this year.

Human Rights

Q&A: Exploring Sweden's 'feminist' foreign policy

Sweden's foreign-affairs minister discusses the benefits of including women in foreign and social policy.


South African families among ISIL's newest recruits

At least 23 South Africans join ISIL, raising concerns of recruitment in country, Al Jazeera investigation reveals.


South Africa under scrutiny for 'state xenophobia'

Police accused of heavy-handed tactics as foreigners are rounded up in a massive 'crime operation' across country.

Human Rights

Hundreds of Malawians leave South Africa after attacks

Dozens of buses used to carry citizens back to Malawi, amid fears xenophobic violence and intimidation would continue.