Kevin Corriveau

Kevin Corriveau is one of the newest weather presenters at Al Jazeera English, but certainly has plenty of experience in meteorology. 

Prior to joining Al Jazeera in 2011, Kevin served with CNN International as an on-air severe weather and tropical expert, as well as the department head for the International Weather Center. In this role, Kevin was responsible for the daily operations and the development of the graphics across a range of media, including CNN Mobile, CNN Espanol and CNN.com.

Before entering the world of television, Kevin served as a weather observer, forecaster and instructor for the United States Air Force. During his time in the military, he worked at many global locations, forecasting the local weather first hand. As a meteorological instructor, he taught over 800 servicemen all aspects of weather forecasting, including dynamics, physics and satellite interpretation.

Kevin is a native of Colebrook, New Hampshire, USA, and holds a degree in meteorology as well as a bachelor’s degree in adult education from the University of Southern Mississippi.


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