Kenan Malik

Kenan Malik is a London-based writer, lecturer and broadcaster. His latest book is The Quest for a Moral Compass: A Global History of Ethics. Previous books include From Fatwa to Jihad (2009), shortlisted for the 2010 George Orwell Prize. He writes at Pandaemonium: www.kenanmalik.wordress.com


Casey report: The problem is more than integration

The reasons for the marginalisation of the working class have been economic and political, not a cultural loss.


Beyond the Brexit debate

Whatever the result of the referendum, it will not stem popular disaffection with mainstream political institutions.

Arts & Culture

The bane of cultural appropriation

The campaign against cultural appropriation is part of the broader attempt to police communities and cultures.

War & Conflict

The dark side of the EU-Turkey refugee deal

If the refugees are a cause of crisis, how does the EU imagine that offloading them to Turkey is any less of a crisis?


Politics of disillusionment and the rise of Trump

We need to find a means of revitalising the democratic process.

Human Rights

The Cecil Rhodes statue is not the problem

Rhodes Must Fall campaigners are letting the past recolonise them.

War & Conflict

Dropping more bombs on ISIL will not save Syria

The Syria debate has also become a focus for the infighting in UK's Labour party.

Humanitarian crises

Kneejerk finger-pointing after Paris attacks

Holding refugees and Western foreign policy responsible foments anti-immigrant hatred, further polarising Europe.

War & Conflict

The EU's stinking refugee deal with Turkey

The whole point of the deal is to allow the EU to push refugees beyond its borders.

War & Conflict

The push and pull of extremism

Radicalisation is a process born out of alienation and our atomised world.


Politics of the disenchanted

Labour's new leader promises to transform British politics, but the first challenge is to reach beyond his constituency.