Kelly Lynn Lunde


NYC Yemenis close bodegas to protest Trump travel ban

Strike supported by more than 2,000 people aimed to highlight the role of immigrant labour in the city.


Washington DC: Women's March for equal rights

'I came to show solidarity with women and all the other people who resist the bigotry and ... intolerance.'

Human Rights

Flames, fear and football as Calais 'Jungle' cleared

French government finally moves to clear camp and declares operation a success, despite many refugees returning.

Middle East

A precious, threatened slice of Beirut's coastline

Private development is endangering the rocky outcrop of al-Dalieh, one of the city's last public waterfronts.

Syrian Refugees

'We have the same God': A priest helps Syrian refugees

In a Greek village at the heart of the refugee crisis, Father Schuff calls on priests and monasteries to do more.


The Greek island helping Syrian refugees

How a village founded by refugees fleeing the Greco-Turkish war is now saving those escaping conflict today.

War & Conflict

In Dunkirk refugee camp, a life of muddy uncertainty

'No one should be left to live like this,' say volunteers working at the refugee camp in France.