Karishma Vyas

War & Conflict

Rejected from Germany: One Afghan's story

One Afghan refugee describes how his 'life was destroyed in just 12 hours' as he was returned to the country he'd fled.

Human Rights

Shot in the eyes: Kashmiri girl tells her story

'They dragged me by my hair, beat me with their baton, then shot me with a pellet gun,' says 14-year-old Ifra.

Humanitarian crises

Kashmir: At a tipping point?

Inside the world's most militarised zone.

Human Rights

Japan: Forced confessions and wrong convictions

In Japan, nearly all cases that go to court end in convictions, but some abuse the law to obtain false confessions.

Arts & Culture

Myanmar’s Shan minority fights to preserve culture

Ethnic groups are turning to music and radio to keep their traditions alive under a democratic government.

Poverty & Development

Inside a frontline hospital in Afghanistan

Amid a growing Taliban insurgency, doctors at Boost Hospital in volatile Helmand Province rush to save lives.


Attacks on hospitals: Afghanistan's medics under fire

With frontline medics and civilian patients under increased threat in Afghanistan, are the rules of war changing?


India: High altitude ice hockey in the land of cricket

In India, the passion for the game is matched only by the challenges faced by the players.


Ice hockey in the Himalayas

India's little-known national ice hockey team tries to win the hearts of their countrymen, despite dismal performances.

Human Rights

Malaysia's forgotten indigenous children

Seven Orang Asli children disappeared from school in Malaysia last August. After 47 days only two were found alive.


Why 2002 Gujarat riots still matter

Narendra Modi of the BJP is leading the India polls but many say he is biased against minority Muslims.


Loi refugee camp, the epitome of misery

About 2,000 Muslim refugees live in squalor conditions in a camp in Muzaffarnagar district in India's Uttar Pradesh.