Karim Haddad


Jack Shaheen inspired me even before I learned to read

The American writer devoted most of his life to combating the negative portrayal of Arabs and Muslims in film.

US Elections 2016

Mixed fortunes and racial disparity along the Mississippi

Voters along the Mississippi River share their hopes and concerns before the US presidential election.

Poverty & Development

In Pictures: Surf's up in Haiti, dude

Not many see Haiti as tourist haven, but work is under way to attract surfers to a destination with alternative flair.

Humanitarian crises

In Pictures: The toll on Gaza's children

After losing their homes and watching family members die, many children in Gaza require psychological support.

Poverty & Development

In Pictures: New Orleans' lingering blight

Nine years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the US' Gulf Coast, New Orleans still struggles to recover.

In Pictures

In Pictures: Libya migrants languish in camps

Detained migrants complain of mistreatment and discrimination, while guards cite lack of resources.


Keeping up with the Gaddafis

Leaked diplomatic cables tell a tale of sibling rivalry, private armies and multi-million dollar parties.


A message to Obama

Egyptian-Americans call on Obama to stand firmly on the side of the Egyptian people.


Egyptian-Americans hold rallies

Standing in solidarity with those back home, people across the US organise protests against the Egyptian president.