Karen Dias

US Elections 2016

'The US election is like choosing which toe to cut off'

"Trump and Clinton are like two toes, and voters have to decide which to cut off. Americans will be walking funny."

Acid attacks

Indian acid attack victims share their stories

Five women describe how their lives were changed in an instant when they were attacked with acid.


Magazine: On set with India's child actors

In India's film and television industry, competition is fierce and expectations high - even for its youngest actors.

Human Rights

In Pictures: Manipur's 'custodial killings'

Irom Sharmila's release has once again put focus on extra-judicial deaths at hands of army in northeastern Indian state.

In Pictures

In Pictures: India's largest Sufi festival

Thousands gather at Ajmer for annual Urs festival commemorating death of Sufi saint.

In Pictures

In Pictures: Mumbai's dying Irani cafes

Iconic street-corner cafes are shuttering down one by one as peoples' tastes change and more glitzy eateries take over.

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In Pictures: Reflecting on Mumbai attacks

Five years after India's financial capital came under coordinated attacks, people who were affected speak of tragedy.