Kamal Kumar

Kamal Kumar is a video journalist and editor with Al Jazeera English. He has covered stories in the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent and reports on politics, human rights, natural history, conflict resolution and insurgency.


Web Exclusive: Voices of Mumbai voters

Indians living in financial hub look for better governance, but are sceptical of leadership choices this election.


Exclusive: Anti-nuclear activist enters polls

Aam Aadmi Party taps campaigner against nuclear plant to strengthen base in key south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.


Web Exclusive: Darjeeling election security

West Bengal along with 11 other states went to the polls as India continued its nine-phase parliamentary elections.


Web Exclusive: Jharkhand's burning forests

Al Jazeera travels to eastern Indian state which heads to the polls on Thursday.

Business & Economy

Web Exclusive: India's Naxal heartland votes

Al Jazeera travels to Chhattisgarh to get a pulse on political situation as key district Bastar goes to polls.


Acid attacks: A scar on India

Acids found easily and cheaply across the country are increasingly being used as a weapon against women.

In Depth

Mango trees to the rescue of Indian girls

Villagers in Dharhara in eastern India plant mango trees every time a daughter is born to secure financial future.


Analysis: India's Maoist challenge

The Adivasi tribal people are caught in a spiral of violence between security forces and rebels.