K S Dakshina Murthy

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Indian instant justice: From ink to slippers

Ink thrown at billionaire businessman Subrata Roy is latest in string of vigilante-type attacks on perceived offenders.


Analysis: Congress gains from AAP power

Party seeks to mend its graft-tainted image by extending support to new party in Delhi, after being routed in polls.


Proposed anti-graft law divides activists

Anti-corruption icon Hazare and protege Kejriwal fall out over the contents of the bill for an independent ombudsman.


Transatlantic rivalry spills into space

Space is the latest arena of rivalry between the United States and the European Union. And, the issue: a satellite navigation entity that will end the monopoly of the US’ Global Pos


Oil stunts Middle East economies

Oil may have brought untold riches to the Middle East but on its own it is a tenuous and ineffective base for regional development


US policies failing to make headway in Afghanistan

Despite US protestations to the contrary, Afghanistan finds itself in the lurch. After promising to hold Kabul's hand and rebuild the country, W


War with drugs

The promotion of opium cultivation in Afghanistan to pay for the liberation war against the former Soviet Union left a devastating legacy.


Afghanistan continues to feel heat of US bombing

Two years after the ousting of the Taliban, US cluster bombs and depleted uranium armaments continue to exact a heavy toll on innocent Afghans.


Marwan Barghouti: firm but flexible

Marwan Barghouti is considered the protégé of Yasser Arafat, and his possible successor


Discipline and daring, trademarks of Fatah

Together Yasser Arafat and Fatah embody the Palestinian cause. It has taken years of hard work and commitment to achieve this synonymity


Bishara: fighting from within

Bishara has used his position in the Knesset to impress upon Israelis the moral and political urgency of leaving the Occupied Territories


“Free trade” US turns software protectionist

The US is attempting to restrict software outsourcing to India to protect its own information technologists