Julian Popov

Julian Popov is a journalist, consultant, director of the UK charity organisation, Friends of Bulgaria.


Does Europe need the Tsar pipeline?

Does Europe really need the gas from South Stream, if gas consumption in Europe is declining?

Science & Technology

Can Africa leapfrog the carbon energy age?

Africa has a chance to divert from the fossil fuels dependency path and pursue clean energy development.


A new face for European dissent

Bulgaria's peaceful protests might provide a new model for discontented Europeans seeking to engage their governments.


Nuclear hopes fade with the end of Bulgaria's Belene

Cancellation of the plant is a blow to European nuclear plans, but new energy strategies are being developed.


Bulgaria, Turks and the politics of apology

During Bulgaria's 'Restoration of Names' process, nearly one million ethnic Turks were humiliated, says author.


European shame over the Roma question

European strategies to 'integrate' Roma populations have failed due to lack due to a lack of inclusiveness.


Do women rule Bulgaria?

Many of the country's top positions are held by women - yet obstacles remain.


For Bulgaria, it's survival of the weakest

Bulgaria is the poorest country in the eurozone, yet could escape from the current financial crisis unscathed.