Jonathan Brown


Ukraine: The lasting impact of landmines on civilians

No one knows how many civilians have been killed by landmines or how many have been planted and where.


Controversial new nuclear plant ignites Belarus

Thirty years after Chernobyl catastrophe, construction of new nuclear station on border with Lithuania stirs debate.

Human Rights

Chechen asylum seekers stranded in Belarus

Chechen asylum seekers say they are stranded in 'Europe's last dictatorship' and are turned away at Polish border.


Belarus: Will new elections yield new results?

Parliamentary elections to take place on September 11 in Belarus, Europe's "last dictatorship".

Middle East

A slow recovery for injured fighters in northern Syria

Border closures have caused problems for hospitals in the area, with shortages of key medicines and equipment.

Middle East

Yazidis leave Europe and return to warring Iraq

A small number of Iraqi Yazidi families have returned home after life in Germany failed to meet expectations.

Middle East

Birzeit vote: 'Last stronghold' of Palestinian politics

For the second year in a row, a Hamas-aligned group has won student council elections at Palestine's oldest university.

Middle East

Blindfolded and beaten: Palestinians decry PA torture

Rights groups cite lack of accountability among PA security forces as a factor in persistent torture allegations.

Middle East

Iraq refugee radio programme gains momentum

Thousands of listeners are tuning in to segments produced by and for people displaced by violence in Syria and Iraq.

Middle East

Palestinians forever changed by Israeli torture

Former detainees who suffered abuse while in Israeli custody say they are struggling to regain a sense of normality.

Middle East

Major obstacles ahead of Kurdish self-rule in Syria

The declaration by Syria's Kurds of a "federal democratic system" in the north has been widely condemned.

Humanitarian crises

Syrian Kurds celebrate Newroz amid tensions

This year's celebrations were bolstered by recent Kurdish declarations of an autonomous federation in northern Syria.