Jonah Hull

Jonah Hull has been a broadcast journalist for more than 15 years. Currently a roving news correspondent and presenter based in London, Jonah joined Al Jazeera English prior to the channel's launch in 2006.

He was appointed Moscow correspondent, spending three years in Russia covering Vladimir Putin's first presidential term, and the regional upheaval, including Russia's 2008 war with neighbouring Georgia, for which he won a Foreign Press Association award in the UK.

Jonah has travelled widely on assignment for Al Jazeera, covering major stories in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, including the 2010 Haiti earthquake, floods in Pakistan, the World Cup in South Africa and the death of Nelson Mandela, civil war in Libya and Europe's euro and refugee crises.

Prior to joining Al Jazeera, Jonah worked for Sky News in London and the Associated Press news agency, for whom he was posted to the United Nations in Geneva in 2001.

Jonah worked for AP extensively in Israel and Gaza during the second intifada, as well as in Afghanistan in 2001, Kosovo, Kuwait and Baghdad.


French town’s residents uncertain of election outcome

France is going ahead with Sunday's vote to choose a president. Since 1981, Donzy, a small town in the centre of the country, has always reflected the national vote. But this year, people in Donzy feel the picture is more uncertain.


France election: Security a key concern for voters

Candidates vying to become the next French president are taking a day off from campaigning to prepare for major TV interviews before Sunday's vote. Polls suggest that security is second only to unemployment as the most important election issue.


France election 2017: Joblessness feeds extreme politics in north

The first round of France's presidential election will take place on Sunday. With youth unemployment at around 60 percent, the industrial town of Denain is among the poorest in the country.


‘Frexit’ concerns ahead of French election

Five days before the first round of the French presidential election the candidates are frantically canvassing for votes. And one of their key issues is France's position in Europe.


French elections: Marine Le Pen seeks anti-immigrant voters

France will vote to elect its next president in less than a week. The far-right candidate Marine Le Pen is counting on her traditional base on the southeast coast, as well as former leftist working class voters hit hard by de-industrialisation.


France elections: Working class voters feel left out

In a week from now, France is voting to elect its next president. Many voters living in poor housing projects outside the big cities are angry. They say they've been forgotten in the election campaign.


London attacker was UK-born and known to spy agency

Prime Minister Theresa May told the House of Commons the Westminster Bridge attacker's identity is known and he was British born.


Refugees fear harsher treatment under Hungarian law

A new law states that all asylum seekers are to be kept in camps. Just a year ago, Hungary put up razor-wire fences along the country’s southern border. Refugees now fear harsher treatment under a new law.


Refugees held in Hungary without adequate mental care access

Refugees detained in Hungary are facing an increasingly desperate situation. Men, women and children are being held in detention centres with little access to medical and mental care.


General Motors sells Opel and Vauxhall to PSA

General Motors has agreed to sell its European business - the German Opel and British Vauxhall brands - to PSA, which will become Europe’s second-biggest carmaker in terms of sales.

Humanitarian crises

Record refugee arrivals overwhelm Sweden

More refugees have sought asylum in Sweden in 2015 than in any other year in the Scandinavian country's history.


Gap in Hungary border fence grants refugees way into EU

About 4,000 refugees a day pass through narrow gap in razor-wire fence between Croatia and Hungary.