Jon Letman


Hawaii: A rising tide of homelessness in paradise

Advocates say Honolulu's new 'sit-lie' law and related regulations unfairly target its most vulnerable residents.

Human Rights

How climate change destroys human rights

Environmental destruction caused by people is poised to become the "most massive human rights violation ever".

Human Rights

Q&A: Linking climate change and human rights

Greenpeace's executive director Kumi Naidoo argues that human rights and climate change can not be separated.

Human Rights

Micronesians in Hawaii face uncertain future

COFA Agreements provide US regional control in exchange for limited access to America.


Opposition crops up to GMO foods in Hawaii

The US state, home to many biotech testing fields, becomes a focal point for antagonism to genetically modified food.


Without question: US military expansion in the Asia-Pacific

The expansion of the US military into Asia-Pacific is not just about power, but also about profit.


Saving Shambala from a Russia-China pipeline

Opening a remote border region to development threatens to destroy Central Asian wilderness and culture.


Opposing paradigms converge on Hawaii

Hawaii is centre stage for a meeting between the all-business APEC and international environmental conference Moana Nui.


Sakhalin: Russia's East Asia trump card

The energy-rich Sakhalin Island is seen as a new gateway for the ever growing demand for natural resources.