John Psaropoulos

John Psaropoulos is an independent journalist based in Athens and reports regularly for Al Jazeera. His blog is www.thenewathenian.com.


Albania's Socialists take full control of parliament

Ruling party wins general elections with outright majority, allowing it to form government without coalition partners.


Greece urged to not send refugees back to Turkey

Refugee advocates are hoping Greece's supreme court will stop people who have lost their asylum claims from being returned to Turkey, which is not deemed safe for many migrants and refugees.


Eurogroup approves $9.5bn bailout for Greece

Eurozone ministers prepared to ease burden of country’s debt repayments at the end of current bailout programme.


Greece: A gateway for China's New Silk Road into Europe

Chinese shipping company COSCO is the majority stakeholder in Piraeus port, Greece’s largest, and Chinese officials harbour hopes it will become a major international trading hub.


Greece: IVF use decreases due to economic crisis

One in five Greek couples uses artificial insemination - one of the highest rates in the world. An economic reform bill to secure Greece's next European bailout contains austerity measures to further cut pensions.


Greek authorities struggle to cope with refugee crisis

Hundreds of thousands of refugees are living in limbo on the Aegean islands, and Greek officials are under pressure to speed up the asylum process. EU officials are encouraging unsuccessful applicants to abandon their right of appeal.


Greece debt: Government reaches deal with creditors

Greece has reached an agreement with its creditors that allows it to continue to claim bailout funds. Without the loans, the government would go bankrupt. But the agreement means more cuts, which are proving politically painful for the Syriza party


UNICEF: Greece has highest child poverty rate in EU

One in four children in Greece are living in poverty, according to UNICEF, making it one of the highest rates of child poverty in the EU. The latest report by the UNICEF shows a dramatic deterioration in living conditions for Greek kids.


CETA trade deal with EU threatens Greek Feta

Feta is one of the European Union's protected agricultural products. That means no one outside Greece is allowed to make it and call it feta or even feta-style cheese. But a new EU trade deal with Canada threatens to weaken Feta's protection.


Greek court blocks extradition of Turkey coup suspects

Turkish military officers, sought by Ankara over July's failed coup, fled to Greece in helicopter and requested asylum.

Human Rights

Refugees in Greece work together and build communities

Away from government-run camps and NGO shelters, Syrians, Palestinians, Afghans and Iraqis launch community initiatives.

Business & Economy

Greece's anti-austerity measures incur creditors' wrath

First measures unveiled in over a year as pensioners take to Athens' streets to protest paltry planned handout.