John Hendren

US & Canada

US farmers say sand mining destroying environment

Farmers in the US say the booming sand-mining industry is threatening their future. The sand is vital to help extract oil and gas from deep underground.

US & Canada

Alibaba seeks to link US and Chinese businesses

The Chinese online sales company Alibaba is one of the global giants of e-commerce. It dwarfs Amazon in transactions - 278 million on its biggest day compared with 37 million on Amazon’s busiest.

Middle East

US issues arrest warrants for 12 Turkish security agents

Turkey's foreign ministry has summoned the US ambassador to complain about arrest warrants issued for 12 Turkish security agents. US police say they were involved in a brawl outside the Turkish embassy in Washington.


Magazine aims to introduce positive image of Afghan women

New magazine turns the page on conservative cultural traditions, with features on fashion, make-up and birth control.


Afghanistan: Corruption 'weakening' security forces

Afghanistan’s attorney general says corruption is making its security forces less effective on the battlefield. The US inspector general has confirmed a high rate of corruption among top Afghan officials.

US & Canada

In US justice system, less well-off inmates cannot pay bail

Throughout the US, less well-off inmates who have not been convicted of any crime await trial in jail for months, sometimes even years, because they cannot pay bail.


Afghanistan: Preserving film archives under Taliban rule

When Afghanistan was under Taliban rule, movies were outlawed and condemned as heresy. But a small group of archivists risked their lives to preserve the nation's film legacy. Now they want to protect that hard-won history for future generations.


First women's TV channel launched in Afghanistan

Women in Afghanistan now have their own television channel. Zan - or Women's - TV began airing this month, with a staff of all female presenters and producers.


Afghanistan: Sending more troops is like 'adding wood to fire'

NATO is holding a meeting to discuss the prospect of sending more troops to combat Taliban fighters who have gained significant ground in Afghanistan in recent years.


Afghan girls defy challenges to attend school

Thousands of new Afghan students are going to what for them is an unfamiliar place: a public school. But educational progress has been slow and hampered by war.


Security concerns stifle investment in Afghanistan

Afghanistan watched its economy improve slightly after the overthrow of the Taliban in Kabul in 2001, but it has fallen on hard times once again. Fewer security forces brought greater safety concerns and less investment.


Pentagon wants to boost US troop numbers in Afghanistan

US Intelligence chiefs have warned the war against the Afghan Taliban will deteriorate over the next two years. The Pentagon is considering boosting nearly 8,500 soldiers in Afghanistan.