John Hendren

United States

US scientists concerned about budget cuts

There is growing concern about funding cuts in research projects and President Donald Trump's doubts about global warming. A billion people in 192 countries are observing Earth Day on Saturday.

US & Canada

US environment agency vows to fight lead contamination

The head of the US Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, has vowed to save a city that's water supply is contaminated by lead.

US & Canada

David Dao: United passenger dragged off plane to sue airline

A man who was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight plans to sue the carrier. David Dao suffered facial injuries when he was pulled off the overbooked flight.

US & Canada

US: Pulling personal data from e-waste

As people across the world discard their obsolete tech gear, most of it is not recycled, leaving a global glut of e-waste. A surprising wealth of personal data can be pulled from discarded phones, computers and other devices.

United States

US conservatives propose bills to restrict abortions

State politicians across the US are introducing laws to restrict - and in some cases ban - abortions.

US & Canada

US scientists gauge coastal erosion along Lake Michigan

The year 2016 was the warmest on record. Rising temperatures have caused water levels to rise around the world and speed up coastal erosion.

US & Canada

Concern as Republicans move to scrap Obamacare

US Republicans have announced a new legislation scrapping the requirement that all Americans must have health insurance.

US & Canada

US: Gun violence in Chicago peaks in summer months

Shootings in US city have peaked in August, with gunshot victims flooding hospital wards each weekend.

Wild Animals

US circus elephants bow out and retire to Florida

Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey circus holds final elephant show before shipping the animals to retirement in Florida.

Climate Change

Climate change threatens Congo's great apes

Researchers fear global warming could ruin the Goualougo Triangle - home to rare gorillas and chimpanzees.


Tracking apes at risk of extinction in Congo

Illegal hunting and logging mainly to blame for sharp decline of chimpanzees and gorillas in Mondika wildlife reserve.


Congo Basin under deforestation threat

World's second largest rainforest risks being destroyed by blazes and illegal logging for palm oil plantations.