John Boyd

Gang violence

Japan's yakuza crime group split spikes gang war fears

Yamaguchi-gumi's numbers dropped from about 20,000 at its peak with recent defections further reducing its mafia clout.

Business & Economy

Key questions in Toshiba scandal still unanswered

Mystery surrounds responsibility for 'inappropriate accounting' after months of investigation into $1.9bn loss cover-up.


What's a little spying between friends?

While other US allies reacted angrily, Japan's response to WikiLeaks' NSA espionage allegations was muted.

Human Rights

Hiroshima: Where the worst-case scenario came to pass

The 70th anniversary of the A-bomb attacks troubled by rising military tensions for Japan and its regional neighbours.


Hate speech in Japan: To ban or not to ban?

Free speech debate rages with some saying outlawing hate-filled protests will only hide the haters.

Science & Technology

Food for thought: Chewing to stave off disease

Research indicates chewing food properly plays a role in brain stimulation, blood circulation and mental health.


Japan's nuclear restart meets public fears

Amid a decline in power company profits and rising consumer energy bills, Tokyo eyes a nuclear plant revival.


Japan's unwanted election: Why now?

With polls predicting an easy win for PM Abe and his party, some view Sunday's vote as a move to solidify power.


Study: Fukushima health risks underestimated

Japanese government says nuclear energy is still needed, but environmentalists are wary of another Fukushima.


Freezing out Fukushima's radioactive water

Japanese engineers face mammoth task of dealing with contaminated water from the nuclear plant disaster.


Back to the whale hunt for Japan

Decision to re-start Antarctic kill for 'scientific research' goes against recent International Court of Justice ruling.

Science & Technology

Cheering on Japan's latest high-tech robotics

'Cheerleader' robots put inverted pendulum control technology on display, Irish Riverdance style.