Joe Macaron

Joe Macaron is a policy analyst at the Arab Center Washington DC.

Emmanuel Macron

Macron, Trump and the Middle East

Emmanuel Macron’s election victory will test US-French relations in the Middle East.

Syria's Civil War

Trump's lack of strategy on Syria is dangerous

Trump's reluctance to level with US allies about his Syria strategy will only lead to further bloodshed.

Donald Trump

Decoding Steve Bannon's ouster from the NSC

Trump's decision to oust his chief strategist Bannon is significant, but it doesn't mean populism left the White House.

Syria's Civil War

US expects allies to pick up the pieces after ISIL

The US wants to focus on the 'elimination' of ISIL by military force while leaving reconstruction efforts to its allies.

War & Conflict

The Sheriff of Manbij: US makes debut in the Syrian War

Interventionism is addictive, it starts with a simple task and one thing can lead to another.

Donald Trump

Trump's 'real estate' approach to safe zones in Syria

A lot of question marks surround Trump's vision of setting up safe zones in Syria.