Joe Jackson

United States

The changing face and fortunes of Las Vegas

The city that boomed most before the Great Recession - and then fell the furthest - believes it's back in business.

Poverty & Development

The decline of Japan's doya-gai labourer districts

Economic and social factors contribute to the decline and gentrification of Japan's traditional day-labourer areas.

Latin America

Drugs, migrants and rebels: Life along Darién's Gap

Rugged border region between Panama and Colombia has no formal crossings, bringing an array of security challenges.


Creating the Kingdom of North Sudan

Keeping a promise to make his daughter a princess, American declares a kingdom in northeast Africa.

Arts & Culture

Calexico and Mexicali, twin cities separated at birth

US-Mexico border cities coexist in a symbiotic relationship that benefits people on both sides.

US & Canada

A Native-American nation divided

Mohawk reservation is sliced down the middle along the US-Canada border, making life interesting - and difficult.

US & Canada

Friendship bridge over Dajabon Massacre River

Central American town prospers as a trading hub between Dominican Republic and Haiti despite a haunting past.

Poverty & Development

Teachers targeted in Thai conflict

Some 160 teachers have been killed and many schools set ablaze in continuing ethnic violence.