Jim Lobe


Pro-Israel lobby backs US strikes on Syria

AIPAC and some influential Republicans join forces to push Barack Obama for hawkish action on Syria.


Egypt crisis strains US-Saudi ties

Some analysts believe Saudi Arabia's strong support for Egypt's military government has put Washington in a bind.


Obama: 'Guantanamo needs to be closed'

As hunger strikes continue at controversial prison, US President says facility is "not necessary to keep America safe".


Obama's choices for top jobs under scrutiny

Opinions divided over US president's nominations of Chuck Hagel and John Brennan to head Pentagon and CIA respectively.


Obama fails to close Guantanamo prison

By refusing to veto the National Defence Authorisation Act, Obama has allowed the controversial facility to stay open.


Obama pressed on Syrian endgame

US analysts believe Syria has reached a "tipping point" but have no intention of putting boots on the ground.

Business & Economy

Unexpected nomination by Obama for World Bank

Obama's World Bank nomination of a relatively unknown but highly regarded health specialist has surprised experts.

Humanitarian crises

Gold profits requested for world's poorest

Nearly 60 international NGOs urged IMF to use $2.8bn of gold proceeds to help cancel debts of nations in crisis.