Jessica Sarhan

US Elections 2016

What a Donald Trump victory means for women

53 percent of white women cast their ballot for Trump - a disturbing realisation to many in women's rights movement.

US Elections 2016

Shock for DC millennials as Trump wins US election

Many young people in the US' capital shocked as Republican Trump projected to become the new US president.

US Elections 2016

Trump vs Clinton: Virginia campaigners make last push

Republicans and Democrats go door-to-door, equally determined to make their candidate win the race for the White House.


America's opioid epidemic shattering women's lives

Women fighting addiction to prescription painkillers tell stories of losing children and loved ones.

US Elections 2016

2016 Election: America's prison voters

A group that could sway the 2016 vote, current and former felons discuss disenfranchisement and the democratic process.

US Elections 2016

US Elections: America's Amish voters

Despite its remote setting, Amish country has become enveloped in the 2016 presidential election campaign.

US Elections 2016

Clinton v Trump: How they said what they said

Speechwriters and a body language expert analyse the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

US Elections 2016

Clinton or Trump: US families divided over election

Families across the country have been swept up in their own political torrents during this tumultuous election cycle.

Poverty & Development

US elections: Obstacles facing homeless voters

Homeless Americans face challenges in voting during the 2016 US elections, but many still exercise their right.


No relief as massive blizzard paralyses US East Coast

Several cities, including New York and Washington DC, at a standstill as storm Jonas brings mammoth snowfall.


Women blast Erdogan over 'hate crime'

Turkish president's comments that sexes are not equal enrages some women, while others say he was merely 'confused'.

Business & Economy

Libyan women struggle to join the workforce

The ongoing conflict and lack of security are affecting Libyan women's ability to work.