Jesse Rosenfeld

Jesse Rosenfeld is journalist reporting from the Middle East since 2007. He regularly contributes to The Daily Beast, The Nation and Al Jazeera, among others.

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Human Rights

Fear grows as Turkey introduces state of emergency

Turkey's state of emergency deepens divisions among government supporters and critics in the wake of the failed coup.

Turkey attempted coup

Turkey: United against a coup, divided on the future

Various sections of Turkish society came together against the putsch, but deep divisions are only likely to intensify.


Palestinian-Israelis grapple with prison time

Unlike some natives of the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinian-Israeli prisoners won't be released ahead of peace talks.


Protesting Kurds finding solidarity in Gezi

Rowdy Istanbul demonstrations pull disparate groups together.


Tears and gas: a call to mobilise

Getting nowhere at home, Israel's Palestine solidarity activists push a global call for action.


The struggle for East Jerusalem

Palestinian communities in East Jerusalem are waging a campaign of popular resistance against Israeli land confiscation.