Jennifer Duggan


The media war for Hong Kong

Chinese authorities scramble to cut off information on Hong Kong protests from reaching the mainland.


China angles for Arctic power as ice melts

China aims to expand its influence in the resource rich area.

Science & Technology

Deadly new bird flu baffles China

Scientists are scrambling to find the origins of new H7N9 strain that has killed more than 20 and continues to spread.


Dead animals in Chinese rivers raise alarm

Thousands of decaying pig carcasses have been scooped out of rivers, with the mystery setting off consumer concerns.


China comes clean on water pollution

For the first time, government report highlights chemical pollution and the existence of related "cancer villages".


Millions of Chinese trek home for festival

Considered the largest mass migration on earth, millions of Chinese are returning to their villages for the New Year.


Exposing the 'hazardous' pollution of Beijing

A lack of official data and public concern over air pollutant levels have led citizen statisticians to take action.


Income inequality on the rise in China

Although statistics are sketchy, the chasm between rich and poor seems to have widened in China.


China timber trade 'fuels climate change'

The economic giant's hunger for timber reportedly causes illegal destruction of forests needed to stop global warming.

Science & Technology

China internet censored for Party Congress

Activists suggest online control intensified during key Communist Party meeting.


Shanghai: Birthplace of China's communists

Ninety-one years after Communist Party held its first Congress in Shanghai, secrecy continues to shroud its leadership.