Javier Solana

Javier Solana was EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Secretary-General of NATO, and Foreign Minister of Spain.

He is currently President of the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics, Distinguished Fellow at the Brookings Institution, and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Europe.

Poverty & Development

Taming the populists

A victory for populism would indicate that the political classes really have failed their citizens.


Failing the Syria test

More than 2,700 have been killed and thousands more arrested, but the UN and the West have not taken strong measures.


Reset Turkey/EU Relations

Turkey and the EU need each other. The EU now accounts for 75 per cent of foreign investment in Turkey.


Renaissance of Mediterranean trade

Geo-economic changes are contributing to a revival of the Mediterranean region's centrality in international commerce.