Jassim Mater


Saving a dying Siberian language

The Buryat language traces its origins to Mongolia, but many fear it is dying out.


Siberia's tug of war over Lake Baikal's water

Villagers struggle to cope as world's largest freshwater lake drops to its lowest level in 60 years.

Climate Change

The world's potentially catastrophic gas problem

Massive amounts of powerful methane gas under the Arctic have some scientists worried about apocalyptic results.


Siberia's resurgent shamanism

One of the world's oldest spiritual belief systems has attracted new followers since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Arts & Culture

Unravelling the Afghan art of carpet weaving

Urbanisation and commercialisation threaten vestiges of ancient craft practised by tribes in Afghanistan.


Infographic: The spread of MERS

Al Jazeera examines the deadly coronavirus which has spread to at least 20 countries and killed more than 300 people.

Poverty & Development

Tackling autism in the Middle East

Treatment for autism in the region has progressed, but lack of awareness and support services remains a challenge.


Emirati women attacked with hammer in London

Attacker bludgeons three women with a hammer as they sleep in central London's Cumberland Hotel.


Jarba: Empty Syria seat strengthens Assad

Head of Syrian National Coalition criticises lack of opposition representation at Arab League summit.


Arab League summit hit by new rifts

The Muslim Brotherhood's role in politics will be the elephant in the room as a polarised Arab League meets in Kuwait.