Jason Pack

Jason Pack is the founder of EyeOnISISinLibya.com and a researcher of world history at Cambridge University.

US Elections 2016

Donald Trump: Welfare queen of the casino economy

Trump would govern the US the way he ran his casino business.

US Elections 2016

Donald Trump's Gaddafi problem

He has admiration for dictators and a desire to leverage privileged access to them.


Libya's power blocs are fracturing

As Libya talks progress, no one can tell who holds real authority.

War & Conflict

What is left of Libya

There may be some positive news out of Libya lately but don't get your hopes up yet.


Libya: The war nobody can win

Libya's rival factions are fighting to establish facts on the ground for future negotiations.

War & Conflict

Libya: Let the scramble for oil money begin

The war for control of Libya's key institutions is on, but the international community can still mak


Transforming Libya's ungoverned spaces through development

One of Libya's immediate concerns must be the economic and social development of the Fezzan region.


Finally an elected Libyan cabinet, but is it fearsome enough to govern?

A new democratically elected government in Libya still has much work to do before it's in the clear.


Popular protests: Not the first time

President Obama finds himself in a similar situation to that of Jimmy Carter during the hostage crisis.


The problem with removing dictators

Outside aid can help topple Assad, but intervention can prevent neither a humanitarian crisis nor a descent into chaos.


Libya's election: Uncertainty before and after

A constitution will be drafted after the poll, but many fear this election will not resolve long standing issues.


ICC captive is pawn for militas and NTC

Four ICC officials detained by Libyan militia are prisoners of the political chaos gripping the North African state.