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Guantanamo staff ordered to discredit detainees

Lawyers say documents show Guantanamo is ‘trapped in a time warp’ where inmates are detained without charge.


News outlets seek 'secret' Guantanamo videos

Court papers argue that the treatment of detainees should be publicly exposed.


FBI spied on Nelson Mandela during first US trip

Newly released files reveal informant on Nelson Mandela's historic 1990 visit, amid serious concerns for security.


Emails reveal close Google ties to NSA

National Security Agency head and Internet giant's executives have coordinated through high-level discussions.


US Senate report could reveal CIA 'black site'

Djibouti has denied hosting secret US prison facilities, but classified document may undermine the claim.


Information requests flood NSA post-Snowden

Al Jazeera obtains access to full list of Freedom of Information Act queries submitted to US security agency.


CIA torture controversy and Guantanamo

Release of study on CIA interrogation could disrupt military commissions for 'terrorist suspects'.


Revealed: Inside the Senate report on CIA interrogations

Exclusive: Intelligence Committee probe concluded some techniques used in CIA interrogations were not legally authorized

Human Rights

Gitmo officials alter hunger strike protocols

In move shrouded in secrecy, officials admit they have revised procedures regarding controversial prisoner protest.

Human Rights

Judge rejects Gitmo warden's al-Qaeda fears

Al Jazeera marks victory for transparency after US judge orders Guantanamo warden's statement unsealed.

US & Canada

Gitmo warden details fear of attack on base

In response to a legal filing by Al Jazeera, the US government argues for continued secrecy.

Human Rights

Al-Qaeda might attack Guantanamo, claims US

Government lawyers seemingly unknowingly release information they say should remain secret.