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Australian nuclear waste dump divides tiny outback town

"This land is our past, present and future and we don’t want a nuclear waste dump on it."


Why is Australia's parliament so white?

As Australians prepare to elect a new federal government, we ask if it will reflect the racial diversity of the country.


Nauru's detention centre: 'Many of us think of suicide'

As the number of refugee suicides rise, we examine the detention centre at the heart of Australia's asylum policies.


Australia: Victims decry cardinal's sex abuse denials

Top-ranking Vatican cardinal George Pell denied involvement in sex abuse cover-ups, as victims still deal with trauma.


Australia Day, a day of mourning for Aboriginals

Indigenous Australians say the national holiday is deeply offensive and should be dubbed 'Invasion Day'.


Controlling the message in restive Malaysia

Recent mass protests have raised concerns of a further clamping down on media reporting and free speech.


Yellow protesters unafraid calling for PM's resignation

Despite threat of military deployment, tens of thousands of Malaysians rally over alleged corruption and economic woes.

Human Rights

Challenging Australia's refugee narrative

Refugee-run organisation provides newly arrived migrants with a vital support network - and a voice.


Australia's green-energy recession

Despite the global push towards eco-industry, investment in large-scale renewable projects has plummeted 90 percent.

Human Rights

Unease with Australia's Islamophobia

Recent 'Reclaim Australia' rallies and counter-rallies across country highlight social tensions and xenophobic fears.


Malaysia's indigenous hit hard by deforestation

The clear-cutting of forests is thought to have played a role in Malaysia's worst flooding in decades.

US & Canada

Australia's indigenous incarceration crisis

Disproportionately high number of Aboriginal people in prison highlights inequality and marginalisation, critics say.