Jane Arraf

Middle East

Syrian refugees suffering on Jordan's border

Tightened border restrictions after last month's deadly bombing are cutting off desperately needed food and water.


Iraq: Muqtada al-Sadr's Green Zone demonstration

Sadrists and others want to change a religion-based quota system in place since the first postwar Iraqi government.

War & Conflict

Baghdad’s ice cream diplomacy

American and Iranian franchises overcome difficulties to take a slice out of a burgeoning market for fast food.

War & Conflict

Iraq’s former luxury resort now its worst camp

Halfway between Ramadi and Fallujah and cut off from any major city, former resort now full of refugees from Anbar.

Arts & Culture

ISIL fighters bulldoze ancient Assyrian palace in Iraq

Reported demolition at Nimrud comes less than a week after video was released showing destruction at Mosul museum.

War & Conflict

Iraqis mourn destruction of ancient Assyrian statues

Baghdad residents watching video of ISIL smashing artefacts to pieces in Mosul say their history is being destroyed.


ISIL's war on art across the cradle of civilisation

World watches in horror images of destruction of priceless artefacts in Iraq's second oldest museum in Mosul.

War & Conflict

Is Iraq ready to take on ISIL?

While Iraq has announced it will "liberate" Mosul, the US has raised fears about its preparedness for ground offensive.

War & Conflict

Battered but never broken Baghdad ends night curfew

Celebrations erupt in Iraqi capital as curfew, first imposed by US in 2003 and aimed at curbing violence at night, ends.

War & Conflict

Iraq's war within a war

An apparent massacre in Diyala serves as a reminder of something more dangerous to Iraq than the fight against ISIL.

War & Conflict

Iraq PM orders urgent probe into military 'massacre'

Iraqi forces and Shia militias accused of killing more than 80 unarmed civilians suspected of being ISIL sympathisers.


Al-Qushla: Iraq's oasis of free expression

Baghdad's Al-Qushla square is one of few places where young Iraqis can protest against corruption and demand jobs.