James Jeffrey

James Jeffrey is a freelance journalist based in Addis Ababa, where he writes about Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

War & Conflict

The Eritreans fleeing to Ethiopia

Relations may be tense between the neighbouring countries but some Eritreans are crossing the disputed border.


Somaliland: 25 years as an unrecognised state

Somalilanders refuse to let the lack of recognition for their state stop them from celebrating its 25th anniversary.


Ethiopia drought: How can we let this happen again?

This time around Ethiopia is competing with war-torn Syria and Yemen for international funds.

Arts & Culture

Ethiopia’s fragile tourism industry at crucial juncture

Can Ethiopia boost economic growth and eradicate poverty without ruining the very treasure it wants to promote?


Power-cut blues in Zambia

Hydroelectric-dependent population hit hard by irregular rain, but some question if precipitation only is to blame.


Somaliland abuzz from Ethiopia's khat convoys

Narcotic plant is a huge tax-revenue earner that bolsters the region's economy, but also disrupts family life.


In praise of Sudan's human smugglers

Typically described as ruthless, those transporting African refugees perceived by some in Sudan as freedom facilitators.


Ethiopia art scene pits creativity against profits

Local painters forgo experimentation to cater to growing number of foreign buyers.