James Bays

James Bays, is an award-winning correspondent, who has travelled to more than 70 counties and has reported from numerous conflict zones, including Iraq, Congo, Sierra Leone, Lebanon, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Panama, the former Soviet Union, Israel and the Palestinian territories.

As a roving correspondent, James frequently reported from Baghdad and Kabul. He filed reports for Al Jazeera following Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan, which later took second prize in the Best TV Item category at the Monte Carlo Television Festival in 2008 and was nominated for a Royal Television Society award.

He is now the channel's Washington editor.

United States

Trump says he regrets choosing Jeff Sessions as attorney general

US President Donald Trump has said that he regrets selecting Jeff Sessions as attorney general.


France: Trump and Macron discuss Syria’s future

Two of the world's powers are talking about Syria's future - and one that could still include president Bashar Al-Assad.


France: Macron prepares to welcome Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump is expected to arrive in France after being invited by President Emmanuel Macron to attend Bastille Day celebrations.


US and Russia agree new Syria ceasefire deal

The US and Russian presidents have held their first face-to-face meeting and they emerged with a ceasefire deal for southwest Syria. The talks between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G20 summit lasted two-and-a-quarter hours.


Trump criticises Russia in Poland speech

US President Donald Trump made Poland his first stop during the G20 summit on Thursday.

US & Canada

Trump wraps up first foreign trip as US president

Donald Trump is concluding his first international trip as a US president, during which he signed a major arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

Middle East

Trump aims to strengthen ties in Saudi Arabia visit

US President Donald Trump is visiting Saudi Arabia in his first foreign trip since taking office. Trump will hold a series of meetings in Riyadh with King Salman, Gulf leaders and other heads of states from the Muslim world.

United States

McCabe: 'Comey enjoyed broad support within the FBI’

Andrew McCabe, acting FBI director, has disputed the White House's assertion that James Comey was fired in part because he had lost the confidence of the FBI's rank and file.


President Trump defends sacking of FBI chief James Comey

US President Donald Trump has defended his decision to sack FBI director James Comey, saying Democrats and Republicans will thank him for it.

US & Canada

Trump, Putin 'seek Syria ceasefire' in 'first conversation'

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has spoken by phone to Donald Trump in their first known conversation since the US president ordered missile strikes on a Syrian air base.

US & Canada

Trump willing to meet North Korea's Kim Jong-un

Tensions between the US and North Korea have been increasing. But President Donald Trump has indicated he would be willing to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ''under the right circumstances''.

United States

A brief look at Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office

US President Donald Trump has now been in power for 100 days. He says they have been some of the most successful in US history. But he has also seen historically low approval ratings, several court battles and opposition from within his own party.