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Asia Pacific

Philippines shuts down mining operations

The environment agency in the Philippines has cancelled at least 70 large-scale mining contracts. The government says it is stepping up its campaign to stop extraction in what it describes as 'critical areas' in the south of the country.

Asia Pacific

Philippines boat school offers hope for indigenous children

Millions of indigenous children in southern Philippines are deprived of a formal education. A sailing school is reaching out to different communities so that hundreds of children are able to attend classes.

Asia Pacific

Deported Filipinos return from Malaysia

Many of the thousands of undocumented workers had left Mindanao, hoping to escape a life of poverty and war.


Philippines: Medical workers demand protection from armed groups

Medical workers in southern Philippines are constantly targeted by armed groups. Many volunteer doctors work in the south which has long been neglected owing to the presence of violent rebels. They are now demanding protection from armed groups.


Victims of Duterte’s war on drugs find solace in church

President Rodrigo Duterte pledged to solve crime and corruption in the Philippines within his first six months in office. But his war on drugs has killed more than 7,000 people.

Asia Pacific

Philippines' MILF rebel group 'committed to peace'

The leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) say they are committed to peace negotiations with the government. Some fighters - including child soldiers - are laying down their weapons in exchange for government benefits.


Philippines' sea trade routes face growing piracy problem

Zamboanga City, Philippines - Armed groups are being blamed for an increase in piracy activities on the southern Philippine border and the government is being urged to curb lawlessness.

Abu Sayyaf

Inside Abu Sayyaf: Blood, drugs and conspiracies

Philippine group continues its insurgency and beheadings as military sources accuse local officials of lending support.

Abu Sayyaf

Philippines: Abu Sayyaf group beheads Canadian hostage

Military source tells Al Jazeera Canadian hostage Robert Hall executed by armed group based in southern Philippines.

War & Conflict

Blockade of southern Philippines hurts locals

Malaysian move to stop attacks in its territorial waters affects trade and transit routes between Sabah and Mindanao.


Cybersex industry exploits Filipino children

A police operation that took two years to plan undercovers a paedophile ring that was reaching a global audience online.


Recovery slow after Philippine storm damage

Sunday marks two years since Typhoon Haiyan struck the country, leaving a trail of death, destruction, and displacement.