Jamal Elshayyal

Middle East

One year since Turkey’s failed coup

Turkey's government has dismissed several thousand police, ministry staff and academics a day before the anniversary of last year's failed military coup.

Middle East

Syria: Displaced families in Idlib face harsh Ramadan

A halt in air strikes in Idlib means residents of the Syrian city are able to celebrate Ramadan free of fear.

Middle East

Pope Francis in Egypt to improve intercommunal ties

Pope Francis is in Egypt for a two-day visit aimed at improving ties between Muslims and Christians. It is the first time a head of the Roman Catholic Church has set foot in Egypt in 17 years.

Middle East

Turks to vote in referendum on Erdogan's powers

People in Turkey will vote in a referendum on Sunday to decide whether to switch from a parliamentary democracy to an executive presidency.

Middle East

Arab leaders tackle regional crises at Jordan summit

Arab leaders are in Jordan to discuss ways to tackle a series of long-running regional crises. Despite calls for unity, member states remain divided on key issues, including the six-year war in Syria.


Turkey referendum moment favours Erdogan

Turkey's president is on a campaign blitz in a quest to secure sweeping new powers. Recep Tayyip Erdogan travelled to the city of Canakkale to drum up support for a 'yes' vote in next month's referendum.