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Jake Hess

US & Canada

Infamous US military school still draws fire

Training Latin American soldiers, 'School of the Americas' continues to stir debate after notorious human rights abuses.


Courts challenge Native American land rights

Recent cases have undermined tribal sovereignty and economic development, Native Americans say.

US & Canada

Changes worry US public housing residents

Low-income residents in Chicago decry public housing shortage and voucher system designed to reduce segregation.

US & Canada

Gangs in US capital pushing prostitution

The latest business endeavour of Washington DC's gangs is prostituting girls from impoverished neighbourhoods.


US shutdown erodes confidence in government

Public approval of the US Congress drops to a record low as the government shut-down continues.

US & Canada

US working poor struggle with housing costs

In some areas around the US capital, some workers earning minimum wage say they can't afford basic housing.


Zimmerman verdict reignites US race debate

African-Americans reeling after teenager shooting case and gutting of the Voting Rights Act.


Iran awaits 'Kurdish Spring'

After gains for Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Iraq, Iran appears to have bucked the trend.