Jacob Russell

War & Conflict

Kurdish forces eye Islamic State showdown

Islamic State group advances in Sinjar have raised concerns about the Peshmerga's ability to take on the fighters.

War & Conflict

Iraqi Yazidis caught in Islamic State advance

Ancient community flees fearing violent persecution as UN says "humanitarian tragedy" unfolding in Sinjar.

Middle East

Iraqis seek refuge in Kurdish north

Iraqis displaced from southern areas find sanctuary in schools and with family as they escape north.

War & Conflict

In Pictures: Tension in Kirkuk

While people continue their day to day business an atmosphere of tension lies over Kirkuk.


Kurdish-Turkmen tension on the rise in Kirkuk

Kirkuk's Turkmen vow to take up arms if the city is not returned to Iraqi central government.

Middle East

From US car parks to Sulaymaniyah's bazaar

The billion-dollar trade in second-hand clothes is suffering as disposable income diminishes in donor countries.