Jacob Powell

Jacob Powell is interested in writing about East Africa and the Internet. He is a hip-hop aficionado, a video game enthusiast, and a fan of cats. 


eSports scores professional status

The world's newest professional sport comes from an unlikely source: video games.

Business & Economy

The rise of cryptocurrencies

It's not just Bitcoin anymore: Thousands are flocking online to 'mine' and trade dozens of alternative currencies.

Humanitarian crises

Infographic: Untangling South Sudan violence

Oil, ethnic conflict and political intrigue are driving the latest round of brutality in the world's newest country.


Did you know it’s World Toilet Day?

Al Jazeera assesses worldwide progress in boosting access to improved sanitation.


Interactive: Fighting words

Al Jazeera tracks the war rhetoric of US presidents over the past three decades.


Infographic: Mali election runoff

Al Jazeera examines the situation in Mali following voting in the presidential election.


Infographic: Mali Election 2013

Will Mali's election help solve a moribund economy and prevent future conflicts?


Iran's candidates use forbidden media

Iran's state candidates use the social media space that is increasingly cracked down upon by the government.