Jacob Kushner

Jacob Kushner writes about refugees and migration, foreign aid and investment, innovation and corruption in Africa, the Caribbean, and Germany. Follow him on Twitter @jacobkushner and see his work at jacobkushner.com


35 years as a Mozambican immigrant in Germany

A child of former slaves, Ibraimo has encountered opportunities and racism in Germany, including the murder of a friend.


Revisiting Germany's xenophobic Rostock riots of 1992

The Rostock riots were the most disturbing resurgence of right-wing, xenophobic violence since the rise of Nazism.


Dorcas Kiteng'e: A victim of Kenya's doctors' strike

Dorcas, 25, died last week after struggling to find proper cancer treatment amid the government and doctors' standoff.


In Kenya, doctors' strike leaves a nation ailing

With public sector doctors and the government at an impasse, patients are beginning to overwhelm private hospitals.

Arts & Culture

Nairobi's immigrant cookbook

Two foodies team up to explore the Kenyan city's diverse foreign cuisine, and the entrepreneurs who brought it here.