Jacob Kushner

Jacob Kushner writes about refugees and migration, foreign aid and investment, innovation and corruption in Africa, the Caribbean, and Germany. Follow him on Twitter @jacobkushner and see his work at jacobkushner.com


Dresden's welcome cafes for refugees

In the German epicentre of anti-immigrant politics lies a haven for refugees.


Rejected asylum: From Karachi to Germany and back again

A lawyer and his family fled death threats in Pakistan and came to Germany. Now, they're being forced to go home.


Escaping Aleppo only to encounter violence in Germany

In Freital, Abu Hamid and his fellow refugees were attacked by right-wing Germans, who could be convicted of terrorism.


Clausnitz: When a mob awaited refugees in a German town

Once the face of anti-refugee sentiment in Germany, Clausnitz and its newcomers have learned to co-exist.


The 2015 murder of a four-year-old refugee in Berlin

At the start of the refugee crisis, dysfunction and danger awaited those registering for asylum in Germany.


35 years as a Mozambican immigrant in Germany

A child of former slaves, Ibraimo has encountered opportunities and racism in Germany, including the murder of a friend.


Revisiting Germany's xenophobic Rostock riots of 1992

The Rostock riots were the most disturbing resurgence of right-wing, xenophobic violence since the rise of Nazism.


Dorcas Kiteng'e: A victim of Kenya's doctors' strike

Dorcas, 25, died last week after struggling to find proper cancer treatment amid the government and doctors' standoff.


In Kenya, doctors' strike leaves a nation ailing

With public sector doctors and the government at an impasse, patients are beginning to overwhelm private hospitals.

Arts & Culture

Nairobi's immigrant cookbook

Two foodies team up to explore the Kenyan city's diverse foreign cuisine, and the entrepreneurs who brought it here.